You aren’t in Kansas anymore, folks.  This is PA and we’ve got some hills for you!  We’ve been exploring these backroads since 2017 and we’ve got some of the very best gravel you’ll ever ride.  Our roads follow the terrain along the many creek beds deep in the valley.  But, you won’t be the valley very long.  You’ll climb along hills that seems to last longer than they appeared at the bottom, passing cattle, goats and even some donkeys.  When you reach the top of the ridge, you’ll rewarded with stunning vistas of farmlands owned by generations of the same families who settled our keystone state.  The gravel here is good. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

Our Course Director, Don, created beautiful routes connecting the gravel roads in this area.  In all, there are 5 main courses for your gravel riding and racing pleasure:

  • The Cask 200K
  • The Jug 120K
  • The Pint 90K
  • The Shot 60K
  • The Sip 35K

All the courses are non-lapped, meaning you will only ride gravel roads in the course once.  A few words about our gravel here:  it’s good.  Not sharp.  Hard-packed dirt with loose gravel over it, generally speaking.  Groomed, drivable roads.  OK, maybe not with a sports car.  But you get our drift.  The size of the gravel varies from pea-size to about your fist.  And there is no rail-trail crushed limestone in the Whiskey Rebellion.  It’s 75% gravel with paved roads to tie it all together.

Before we get to the GPX files, let us fill you in on how the courses are constructed. For the 2022 WRG, you’ll ride all new courses but with the same “loop” setup since 2017.  Every WRG follows the same setup. You’ll ride 1 to 3 Loops in sequence to make up your race/ride distance. All Loops start and end at the Venue. This way you’re never too, too far away and it’s super easy to stay on track.  Depending on the distance you choose, you could cross six (6) Covered Bridges.  For 2022, every Loop has a STEM.  What do we mean by STEM?  The beginning and end re-trace a small portion of the course.  Plus, it’s a real bonus to minimize re-tracing same terrain and to minimize any GPS device mix-ups reading the course. You’ll be traveling fresh new gravel on each loop.  And everyone will ride Loop 3 which is completely NEW.  At the top of Porter Hill which is pretty long, you’ll be able to enjoy some Red Hot Chili Pepper beer from Altered Genius, a local favorite near SweetWater Bikes.  Then after hitting up Porter Hill with a swig of Porter, it’s on to the HIKE-A-BIKE section at Mile 17.7.  You’ll need to jump a barrier and carry on along the side of the ridge on some single track for about 0.5 mile where you’ll cross another barrier.  Who knew there was SO much gravel in PA?

Aid Station Locations

  • Loop 1:  Mile 22.1
  • Loop 2: Mile 22.7
  • Loop 3: Mile 13.6
  • PLUS the Base Station located at the Venue.  See Venue Map for location.

All Aid Stations will be stocked with water, hydration mix, pickle juice, bananas, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, snacks and bars.  You’ll find friendly staff at every Aid Station!  You’re also welcome to bring your own feed kit.  Check the Rider’s Guide in your email inbox for instructions.

Now, let’s talk about distance. Don has triangulated, cut-out, re-figured and just about everything you can think of to create the safest, most rideable gravel courses he can. He eliminated roads with aggressive dogs, roads with a lot of cars, etc and put back in the roads most amount of gravel to construct the best possible course. All of these changes ended up changing a few of the distances. I know, I know.  It WILL be worth it.  Below are the new distances, elevations and loops that you’ll follow for the 2022 WRG: 

200K is now 207K (128.5 Miles; 12,700 ft elevation)

  • RIDE Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3 (in order)

120K is now 127K (78.9 Miles; 7,660 ft elevation)

  • RIDE Loop 2, Loop 3 (in order)

90K is now 109 K (67.8 Miles; 6,474 ft elevation)

  • RIDE Loop 2, Loop 3 S (in order)

60K is now 58K (36.1 Miles; 3,459 ft elevation)

  • RIDE Loop 3

35K is now 40K (24.9 Miles; 2,273 ft elevation)

  • RIDE Loop 3 S


RidePAGravel on RidewithGPS

Every past and present WRG is constructed in RidewithGPS and is stored in the RidePAGravel account.  RidePAGravel is entirely FREE and all you need to access the WRG GPX files and PA’s finest gravel routes is to set up a free RidewithGPS account.  Then sign up for the RidePAGravel account.  To race or ride the WRG, you MUST have a GPS device.  We mark the entire course.  It takes two (2) twelve-hours to mark the course.  However, you could still miss a turn.  Bring your GPS device or ride with someone who has one.  

Click Here to Download the 2022 WRG Course Routes