Thank You for the biggest, baddest Whiskey Rebellion Ride yet!

You rode. You conquered. Nearly 200 of you.
On the hottest day of the year so far. 
Grinding up relentless climbs and rolling fast down loose descents. No matter the length you rode, the ride is tough, very tough. Washington County, PA is gravel country. And you, YOU are THE baddest and boldest riders around!! We really hope you had a great time and loved it as much as we did putting it together for you all.

Thank you for riding and for sharing your experience with Dean, Steve and their video team. You are going to show everyone that this is the toughest ride and and you are the toughest riders in Western PA. Thank you to the team of Can-Do: Chris, Ron and Anthony, Clark, Nicole, Donna, Sherry, Phillip, Rob, Marin and Cameron. Thanks to Ross and Will, our two boys. Our staff, volunteers and family make our crazy plans work, every year and make those aid stations rock! Thanks to Erica at Nala Marketing for everything! And to Rob at NAC Cycles for filling every gap we had. Thank you to Adam and CNX for keeping the trucks off the ride and sponsoring our live music. Thank you to Bindley Hardware Co for rolling up in the band van and playing some awesome music. Thank you to The SpringHouse for the truly delicious food. Thank you to our generous sponsors: CNX, NAC Cycles, Bombtrack Bicycles, Floyd’s of Leadville, Salsa Cycles, Quality Bicycle Products, and Visit Washington.

Until May 17, 2020… 
Laura and Don